Yeah it is here again, the wet, rainy season. Rainy season is the time a country records the most rainfall yearly. Regions that lie closer to the equator, their seasons are defined by wetter weather or drier weather, as the temperatures vary little during the year unlike other regions. During this time of the year, floods are seen in most parts of the country.

Rainy season can be controlled by the monsoon, savannah or tropical.

A)  Monsoon Regions Rides.

Monsoon is a seasonal change in the direction of the prevailing, or strongest winds of a region. It causes wet and dry seasons. Countries here include: Indonesia, Thailand, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Northern Australia, Northern Brazil, India, South and Southeast China, and Taiwan.

Though some are currently in rainy season, others have gone past it, some are yet to get to it. So if you’re in any of these areas don’t let the heavy monsoon rains play havoc with your style sense.

1) Flaunt your umbrellas: These are a must-have this season. Get a nice and vibrant collection of them. If you are not good with long big umbrellas like myself, opt for miniature and foldable varieties that can be put in your bags.

2) Get trench coat: Opt for colorful, mood-boosting ones to brighten up your day. Let it be long enough to cover your main outfit with hood that fully covers your head. You can try unisex rain coats.

3) The right shoes: Go for shoes that are buoyant, easily drained and ones that can be strapped on. Of course they must be water-proof and their soles made of rubber. Please save your leather shoes. You know with the monsoon, there’s definitely going to be unpredictable puddles and muddy streets.

4) Types of fabrics: Leather, denims and heavy cottons are no go for monsoon as they take long to dry. But light, breathable fabrics like mul, chiffon, very light pure cotton, nylon, gabardine and light silk. Heavy knits, linen and transparent fabrics are not advisable.

5) Your attire: Wearing maxi dresses, palazzos, jeans, trousers is not advisable but opt for shorts, skirts and knee-length dresses that won’t get dirty or you can flaunt a solid jumpsuit to make a statement. You can socks it all up with a waterproof socks that have moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties to help keep your feet dry and safe from bacteria infections. Remember to go for dark coloured outfits.

6) Your handbag and accessories: This is not the time to go all out for small bags but get spacious, colorful waterproof bags. Those ones with water resistant zippers and sliders that have polyester inner lining where you can put your umbrella, phone and other accessories.

7) Go light on your makeup: Heavy makeup can cause a lot of discomfort now. The air contains moisture which can separate your makeup or even cause it to stain your outfit. Opt for waterproof products. You can style your hair by making pony tail, get haircut, etc.

B) Savannah Region Rides.

Savannah is a vegetation type that grows under hot, seasonally dry climatic conditions. Characterized by scattered trees above a continuous tall grasses. Countries here are Ghana, Eritea, Ethiopia, Florida(USA), Nigeria, Botswana, etc.

1) On shoes: If you are around areas where there are not much puddles and muddy streets, you can go for flip-flops. But for areas where there’s much flood opt for easily drained and strap-on shoes that would hold firmly on your feet while walking through the flood. Or get rain boot to walk through the puddles but remove immediately to avoid smelly feet.

2) Rain coat: It’s a fact that you might be caught up one day in the rain, getting a good long stylish raincoat will do you good. It will help to keep you warm and dry while in the rain. A lightweight but strong waterproof rain jacket is also a go!

3) What to put on: It is not advisable put on jean trousers or any type of long tight trousers this period except you want your trousers to get stuck on your leg after been drenched. Well, if you are places where there are insect bites like mosquitoes, go for loose trousers, long gowns and skirts. Wear more of shorts, loose trousers, short gowns and skirts. Or go sleek with your ankle-length jumpsuits!

4) Top it up with blazers: Don’t go on white or bright colors that can be easily stained but go for darker colors. Blazers on skirts, shorts, gowns and trousers that are not tight. Blazers can keep you warm and give you that chic look you desire even in the rain!

5) Bags: Of course leather bags are a no go rather opt for water resistant bags, spacious enough to keep your accessories safe from the rain.

C) Tropical Regions Rides.

The tropics are the regions of the Earth near the equator and between the Tropic of Cancer in the northern hemisphere and the Tropic of Capricorn in the southern hemisphere. Countries here are Jamaica, Cuba, Barbados, Philippines, Tonga, Fiji, Costa Rica, Peru, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, Hawaii(USA).

1) Up goes the Umbrellas: Don’t be shy to carry your umbrella whether it seems like raining or not because the weather can change any minute without warning. Go for strong light fibre glass umbrellas with high-tension canopy. You can get stylish ones to make a statement in the rain.

2) Here goes the shoes: Opt for shoes that are waterproof with rubber soles. Don’t go for flip-flops or open-toed shoes. Pack up all your leather shoes and sandals.

3) Bags: A big capital “NO” to leather bags but go for water resistant bags that will keep ur accessories safe from been soaked.

4) Go really low on makeup to avoid being messed up in the rain. Water resistant products will do.

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5) Fabrics: In as much as denims are cute, they aren’t suitable for this period so as to avoid suffocation that might occur due to the humidity that comes with the season. Go for lighter fabrics. Don’t wear white but darker colors are better.

6) Jackets: You can complete your attire with a good stylish waterproof jackets that will help keep you warm.

7) Wear more of shorts, knee-length skirts and gowns or loose light-weight trousers. These will help you have free movement than when you wear tighter outfits.

Hope these tips help you slay your outfits stylishly this season or give you an idea on what to pack if you intend travelling to any of these regions now.


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