I hope you are all doing well, today, I am going to share with my top 5 accessories I think everyone should have in their wardrobe to make an outfit stand out. These 5 accessories include: a statement jewelry, hat, bag, shoes & scarf.  I love fashion a lot so I really want to publish more posts related to that subject but of course, I don’t claim to be a professional, who knows all the fashion trends, I just rely on my personal knowledge and personal style to write these posts.

Statement Jewelry

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In my case, a statement jewelry would be earrings, I love earrings a lot, especially if I am wearing all neutral clothes, like all black. A statement earring  just brings life to an outfit and some of them are just so flattering. Moreover, having a statement earrings can divert the focus to the ears and not the outfit.




I cannot live without hats and my favorites are fedora hats, small hats [between fedora and floppy hats] and captain hats [captain hats are my current obsession, they just go with everything]. Hats just give instant edge and style to an outfit.



I am not much of a handbag/purse person which means, I have one purse of each color and that’s it, I never change my purse just if necessary. But, I do know a lot of fashionistas who incorporate their bags to their outfit [like my sister]. I do think a bag can dress you up or down so do pay attention to the bag!



I think wearing the wrong shoes can totally ruin your whole look and that’s why I own 30 different pairs of shoes. I totally believe shoes can change your style and the vibe of your clothes, I mean, in the second photo, if the girl was wearing small heels instead of boots, she would totally lose her rock n roll style, she would look more elegant instead. Also, wearing sneakers, instead of heels [third photo], makes your outfit totally casual.



I only own 3 scarves but I do believe they can spice up your outfits, maybe even divert the focus to something much more interesting. In the first photo, the woman is hiding her basic black t-shirt with a very fun and colorful scarf. Moreover, think about how boring Angelina Jolie’s outfit would have been without the scarf on her neck. The scarf is just a simple touch that makes a big difference to your outfit!


Let me know what you think, if you think I missed a fashion item you think is important to mention! I would love to hear your thoughts


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