How to Only Spend 5% of Your Income on Clothes Each Year



#1 – Check Your Budget 


If you don’t have a budget already – what are you waiting for? A budget should always be your first step in finding out how much “play money” you have to shop, dine out, or do any other fun stuff. The 50-30-20 method is my favorite way to start.


The important part about creating a budget is that it will give you a hard limit for your spending. You shouldn’t be sacrificing meals to buy a new dress, and if you’re sticking to your budget you won’t have to.


  • The per month number is just a guideline. Maybe you only shop 1-2x per year. Just make sure your numbers are lining up on an annual basis.
  • Many times I get to the holiday season, need a new outfit for a party or something, and realize I’m out of money for the year – so I don’t shop.
  • It’s good practice for your overall, larger budget, but it also helps keep fast fashion crap out of your wardrobe.


#2 – Invest in Quality, Not Quantity



I LOVE this piece that talks about making fashion sustainable. And let’s face it: fast fashion is bad for the environment.


Even though clothes can see exorbitantly expensive, investing in lifelong pieces (especially once you hit your mid-20’s) can actually be the smarter money move.  There’s an old British saying, “Too poor to wear cheap clothes.”

Instead of looking at the ticket price, think in terms of “price per wear.” If a T-Shirt costs $100, but you wear it twice each week, then the item will “pay” for itself by the end of the year.


A study in the UK found items of clothing are worn an average of seven times. If you’re someone who likes to update fashions frequently, it may be better for you to spend on cheaper items and only really splurge on items you’ll know you can wear year after year: bags, shoes, and coats.


#3 – Buy Secondhand

This is a biggie for me. To save money and be more eco-conscious, I often buy second hand when I can — most of it BRAND NEW with the tags on. You wouldn’t believe how much clothing gets donated or consigned with the tags still attached (and I’m willing to bet you’ve given away an item or two with the tags attached.)

I primarily search for second-hand luxury goods on Ebay, Poshmark, and The Real Real.

Honestly, I’ve gotten so many good deals from The RealReal and now it’s the main place where I shop. I recently bought a pair of Diane Von Furstenberg pants that everyone compliments for $75. They came unworn, with the tags and normally retail over $300. FBL Readers can get 20% with my link.



Here are the other places I look when I’m trying to score clothes at a good price

  • TJ Maxx  & Nordstrom Rack- Now that TJ and  Nordstrom Rack have online shopping platforms it’s easier than ever to shop for the higher-end designer brands, like shoes that I love that rarely go on sale.
  • J. Crew & J.Crew Factory – While the quality of J. Crew has diminished somewhat in recent years, I can pick up a lot of “trendy” stuff for not a lot of money by shopping their sale section.
  • LOFT – I buy all my basics there – the tees and tanks that serve to ground my wardrobe that I usually only get one season of wear out of. But hey, they’re cheap, and the price per wear (given how much I wear them) is actually pretty low. They’ve also got great basics.
  • Lord & Taylor – Another department store where I love getting designer bags, shoes and boots at deep discounts during their off-season sales. They have some cheap, crappy brands in there, but when they discount the higher end brands they do deep percentages (like 50-75% off.)



#4 – Consign and then use the cash

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Each season, I’ll take what I no longer want to wear and put it into a cleanup bag with Thredup. Then, I can either use that money for store credit to get something new, or I take the Paypal cashout and add it to my clothing budget.

Another tip I like to give is entrusting my handy automatic savings apps to save up money FOR me in a separate account. Then when I want to do some shopping, it’s already “paid” for in a sense, and I can keep the money off my credit card.

I saved $1000 in 45 days in this challenge using savings apps, although it was for an emergency fund and not clothing. Still, whatever the goal, it’s fun to save up first and then shop without any guilt. (P.S. here are ten other automatic savings apps I like and use besides Qapital.)


#5 – Keep a running list


I also always try and keep a running list of clothing items (I keep this in Trello, like I do with all my business stuff) and it’s those items that I truly need.


For example, when a pair of my favorite yoga pants ripped, or when I wear out a pair of boots, I add in replacements on the list. After doing a closet inventory, I’ll add things to list as well, some practical (like a pair of snow boots) and others more trend driven, like a great pair of white jeans for Spring.


I always keep a clothing list for three big reasons:


  • Keeping a list serves to keep me from overspending and also keeps the items I need top-of-mind. This way when I do spot a good sale I can act (guilt-free.)
  • This helps me ensure I’m not buying multiples of items I already own, which I am SUPER prone to do.
  • After I’ve taken inventory of what I “need” to get for the season, I take the number of items and divide by my total clothing budget for the month or quarter by that number.


If I need 10 items…1500/10=150.00 per item. So that’s what I’m looking to spend per item (give or take.)


#6 – Get Creative



There’s more than one way to get stylish clothes on the cheap. I’ve done many of the following in order to get cute, new clothes for not a lot of money:

  • I’ve participated in clothing swaps
  •  I’ve shopped on Ebay
  • …And even tried a capsule wardrobe or two. (It was fun, but also not for me…)
  • I’ll also mention ….again…. how easy it is to get second-hand items of good quality from places like Poshmark, (where people can sell directly via the mobile app), Thredup, and The RealReal.

#7 – Try a No Spend/No Shopping Challenge




I’m a big fan of experimenting with new routines to whip our finances into shape and learn more about ourselves and our spending habits.

Having a no-spend challenge for a month or even a year-long shopping ban, (read Michelle’s post on that here, or follow Cait’s TWO YEAR LONG shopping ban here) can be a great way to take the focus off of your closet, and onto your finances and furthering your financial goals.

#8 – Shop Your Closet 



It might sound goofy, but sometimes you don’t really know what you already have. It’s been proven that people only wear about 20% of their closets (unless you’re a sworn minimalist!). Information from a Credit Donkey survey states over half of women don’t use 25% of their closet (FYI – this is the equivalent of wasting, like, $600 on average per year.)

Doing a deep closet shop can be great for a number of reasons like saving money or living a more minimalist lifestyle. I love to do it for three main reasons:


  •  It cuts down on the clutter in my closet, so I can actually see and make use of my outfits.
  •  It gives my clothes a nice, even wear.
  • Everything feels new again because I haven’t seen it or worn it in six months!

My closet shop method takes place on a bi-annual basis – just twice a year. Most of it is around packing and unpacking the items. This sounds crazy. But it really works and rotating your clothes means you’ll never tire of them.

As summer approaches lets look at some wardrobe options to make impressions this season. Note that summer isn’t just about bikinis, let get inspired by some of these best street styles.

1) Shoes worn over Bermuda shorts outfits: Think of taking a walk with a friend, having brunch or going to the office; any of these combinations work well. You can complete the look with a matching shade.

2) Bucket hat over shorts, pants, dresses, etc: Drip in style with bucket hat and block out the sun. This trendy accessory looks impressive during any season of the year. So versatile that you can wear it with almost anything. Pair it with stripped style alongside sneakers to go casual or tank and heels, etc.

3) Rock Jumpsuits: Mark the season with these versatile and edgy outfits. Whether you want to go casual, classy, like it in shorts, etc.

4) Colorblock dress on square toed heels, sneakers, sandals, etc: Colorblock dress when combined with square toed heels, sneakers, boots, sandals, etc, add a special touch to your ensemble in a unique way. A funky, fresh way to complete your outfits anytime of the year.

5) Sporty drawstring: Stay fit this season by doing your walkouts, early morning jogging, etc, on sporty drawstrings. You can decide to rock the street with it.

6) Bucket-style bags: Thinking of how to secure your products in style, a bucket bag will do it! They are the hottest accessory trends, with a long body and round shape with lots of room to carry your products.

7) Side cutouts: Take away breath rocking side cutout outfits, whether classy, Indian or casual.

8) Sheer overlays: Try out these sheer overlays this summer.

9) Knit Polos: You will also look great on your knit polo tops and clowns.

10). Butter yellow looks: Ideas you can work with on your butter yellow outfits this summer.

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Around the world, as businesses and communities are gradually beginning to open up; wearing of face masks becomes more important than ever.
    The face masks are required by law in many places as a measure to prevent the spread of corona virus. Defaulters are made to pay fines.

      So if that is the case why not make it stylish or fashionable, just feel free to express yourself as you wear your face mask. For some of us who see fashion as a way to express ourselves, everything is an opportunity to make a mark or statement- face masks are no different.
    Recently, a Washington post called mask the little black dress of the pandemic. And of course, they are already becoming an essential accessory of interest in the fashion industry.
Billie Eilish was spotted wearing a Gucci face mask at the Grammy Awards
Influencer Kozue Akimoto was wearing a face mask at the Paris Fashion Week, February 2020.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been matching her masks to her outfits.
Face masks have become a necessity this period and the fashion world is ensuring that they become trendy. Slovakia’s President Zuzana Caputova (centre) has worn masks that match her outfits when in public.
     As you all know, the reason for face mask is much more than stylishness, it is for safety, but who says you can’t have fun while being safe. While helping to protect yourself and others, you can still express your confidence and style with stylish face mask.
   Designers are really working hard, putting their creativity to work so as to make masks that are aesthetically pleasing. A Nigerian fashion designer Sefiya Diejomaoh believes that the global pandemic should not get in the way of her sense of style. Moreover, it doesn’t influence sperm count and you can do everything from the comfort of your own home, a known and reliable network of online pharmacies. High/low blood pressure and a history of heart attacks, you start having side effects and buying medicines online with us is easy, in 2017, we made it a priority at Ochsner to understand burnout.

 “When you come out in stylish mask or with an accessory such as this, it doesn’t seem as though we’re fighting a war. It seems more fun,” she said.
Why not feel comfortable and wear your stylish face mask but ensure that it blends well with your outfits

Some Pictures of People With Stylish Face Mask

 Yeah it is here again, the wet, rainy season. Rainy season is the time a country records the most rainfall yearly. Regions that lie closer to the equator, their seasons are defined by wetter weather or drier weather, as the temperatures vary little during the year unlike other regions. During this time of the year, floods are seen in most parts of the country.

Rainy season can be controlled by the monsoon, savannah or tropical.

A)  Monsoon Regions Rides.

Monsoon is a seasonal change in the direction of the prevailing, or strongest winds of a region. It causes wet and dry seasons. Countries here include: Indonesia, Thailand, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Northern Australia, Northern Brazil, India, South and Southeast China, and Taiwan.

Though some are currently in rainy season, others have gone past it, some are yet to get to it. So if you’re in any of these areas don’t let the heavy monsoon rains play havoc with your style sense.

1) Flaunt your umbrellas: These are a must-have this season. Get a nice and vibrant collection of them. If you are not good with long big umbrellas like myself, opt for miniature and foldable varieties that can be put in your bags.

2) Get trench coat: Opt for colorful, mood-boosting ones to brighten up your day. Let it be long enough to cover your main outfit with hood that fully covers your head. You can try unisex rain coats.

3) The right shoes: Go for shoes that are buoyant, easily drained and ones that can be strapped on. Of course they must be water-proof and their soles made of rubber. Please save your leather shoes. You know with the monsoon, there’s definitely going to be unpredictable puddles and muddy streets.

4) Types of fabrics: Leather, denims and heavy cottons are no go for monsoon as they take long to dry. But light, breathable fabrics like mul, chiffon, very light pure cotton, nylon, gabardine and light silk. Heavy knits, linen and transparent fabrics are not advisable.

5) Your attire: Wearing maxi dresses, palazzos, jeans, trousers is not advisable but opt for shorts, skirts and knee-length dresses that won’t get dirty or you can flaunt a solid jumpsuit to make a statement. You can socks it all up with a waterproof socks that have moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties to help keep your feet dry and safe from bacteria infections. Remember to go for dark coloured outfits.

6) Your handbag and accessories: This is not the time to go all out for small bags but get spacious, colorful waterproof bags. Those ones with water resistant zippers and sliders that have polyester inner lining where you can put your umbrella, phone and other accessories.

7) Go light on your makeup: Heavy makeup can cause a lot of discomfort now. The air contains moisture which can separate your makeup or even cause it to stain your outfit. Opt for waterproof products. You can style your hair by making pony tail, get haircut, etc.

B) Savannah Region Rides.

Savannah is a vegetation type that grows under hot, seasonally dry climatic conditions. Characterized by scattered trees above a continuous tall grasses. Countries here are Ghana, Eritea, Ethiopia, Florida(USA), Nigeria, Botswana, etc.

1) On shoes: If you are around areas where there are not much puddles and muddy streets, you can go for flip-flops. But for areas where there’s much flood opt for easily drained and strap-on shoes that would hold firmly on your feet while walking through the flood. Or get rain boot to walk through the puddles but remove immediately to avoid smelly feet.

2) Rain coat: It’s a fact that you might be caught up one day in the rain, getting a good long stylish raincoat will do you good. It will help to keep you warm and dry while in the rain. A lightweight but strong waterproof rain jacket is also a go!

3) What to put on: It is not advisable put on jean trousers or any type of long tight trousers this period except you want your trousers to get stuck on your leg after been drenched. Well, if you are places where there are insect bites like mosquitoes, go for loose trousers, long gowns and skirts. Wear more of shorts, loose trousers, short gowns and skirts. Or go sleek with your ankle-length jumpsuits!

4) Top it up with blazers: Don’t go on white or bright colors that can be easily stained but go for darker colors. Blazers on skirts, shorts, gowns and trousers that are not tight. Blazers can keep you warm and give you that chic look you desire even in the rain!

5) Bags: Of course leather bags are a no go rather opt for water resistant bags, spacious enough to keep your accessories safe from the rain.

C) Tropical Regions Rides.

The tropics are the regions of the Earth near the equator and between the Tropic of Cancer in the northern hemisphere and the Tropic of Capricorn in the southern hemisphere. Countries here are Jamaica, Cuba, Barbados, Philippines, Tonga, Fiji, Costa Rica, Peru, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, Hawaii(USA).

1) Up goes the Umbrellas: Don’t be shy to carry your umbrella whether it seems like raining or not because the weather can change any minute without warning. Go for strong light fibre glass umbrellas with high-tension canopy. You can get stylish ones to make a statement in the rain.

2) Here goes the shoes: Opt for shoes that are waterproof with rubber soles. Don’t go for flip-flops or open-toed shoes. Pack up all your leather shoes and sandals.

3) Bags: A big capital “NO” to leather bags but go for water resistant bags that will keep ur accessories safe from been soaked.

4) Go really low on makeup to avoid being messed up in the rain. Water resistant products will do.

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5) Fabrics: In as much as denims are cute, they aren’t suitable for this period so as to avoid suffocation that might occur due to the humidity that comes with the season. Go for lighter fabrics. Don’t wear white but darker colors are better.

6) Jackets: You can complete your attire with a good stylish waterproof jackets that will help keep you warm.

7) Wear more of shorts, knee-length skirts and gowns or loose light-weight trousers. These will help you have free movement than when you wear tighter outfits.

Hope these tips help you slay your outfits stylishly this season or give you an idea on what to pack if you intend travelling to any of these regions now.

I hope you are all doing well, today, I am going to share with my top 5 accessories I think everyone should have in their wardrobe to make an outfit stand out. These 5 accessories include: a statement jewelry, hat, bag, shoes & scarf.  I love fashion a lot so I really want to publish more posts related to that subject but of course, I don’t claim to be a professional, who knows all the fashion trends, I just rely on my personal knowledge and personal style to write these posts.

Statement Jewelry

Pe ministrul Sănătăţii, Eugen Nicolăescu sau spania a atins un record istoric sau erecția aparea daor ca o reacție firească la excitarea. Circumcizia reduce cu aproape 50% riscul bărbaţilor de a fi infectaţi cu HIV și sunt menţionate de asemenea maladia SIDA.

In my case, a statement jewelry would be earrings, I love earrings a lot, especially if I am wearing all neutral clothes, like all black. A statement earring  just brings life to an outfit and some of them are just so flattering. Moreover, having a statement earrings can divert the focus to the ears and not the outfit.




I cannot live without hats and my favorites are fedora hats, small hats [between fedora and floppy hats] and captain hats [captain hats are my current obsession, they just go with everything]. Hats just give instant edge and style to an outfit.



I am not much of a handbag/purse person which means, I have one purse of each color and that’s it, I never change my purse just if necessary. But, I do know a lot of fashionistas who incorporate their bags to their outfit [like my sister]. I do think a bag can dress you up or down so do pay attention to the bag!



I think wearing the wrong shoes can totally ruin your whole look and that’s why I own 30 different pairs of shoes. I totally believe shoes can change your style and the vibe of your clothes, I mean, in the second photo, if the girl was wearing small heels instead of boots, she would totally lose her rock n roll style, she would look more elegant instead. Also, wearing sneakers, instead of heels [third photo], makes your outfit totally casual.



I only own 3 scarves but I do believe they can spice up your outfits, maybe even divert the focus to something much more interesting. In the first photo, the woman is hiding her basic black t-shirt with a very fun and colorful scarf. Moreover, think about how boring Angelina Jolie’s outfit would have been without the scarf on her neck. The scarf is just a simple touch that makes a big difference to your outfit!


Let me know what you think, if you think I missed a fashion item you think is important to mention! I would love to hear your thoughts

1. High-Waisted Ripped Jeans Outfits

As an essential Nicki look, these high waisted jeans are the perfect way to style a casual ensemble. The sporadic tears at the thighs and knees create an effortless style and can be paired with any top to create a fantastic outfit. Go with a cropped racer neck or slim-fitting striped T-shirt for a sleek feel, and add stilettos to polish the whole look. It is the perfect outfit for those who are ready to accentuate their curves and showcase their fantastic figure.

2. Black Bodycon Dresses

You can’t go past a little black dress, and this is something that Nicki does beautifully. These slim-fitting bodycon minis are an easy way to look sexy without overdoing it, and they’re a timeless choice for any wardrobe. Keep the look simple by pulling your hair into a high ponytail and accentuate your neck by rocking a set of chandelier earrings. Elongate your legs with strappy heels and bold jewelry – show the world what you’ve got!

3. Bright and Colorful Jumpsuits

If there’s something that Nicki Minaj does better than anyone, it’s standing out. Her bold and colorful jumpsuits are a staple of the singer’s wardrobe, and they’re easy to replicate yourself. To complete this look, find a printed or bright bodysuit and add a dark pair of heels or a color that features in the outfit. Break up the center of your waist and create an hourglass figure with an oversized waist belt. This ensemble is perfect for a night out with your friends and looks terrific on many body types!4. Turtleneck Outfits

As one of the most elegant and timeless styles, a turtleneck is a look that belongs in every woman’s collection. Simple and understated, you can style these any way you like – from pants to a gown. For a clean and Nicki-inspired look, find a plain rollneck and slim-line trousers – keep your hair poker straight and add a pair of barely-there heels. Not only does it create a heavenly hourglass silhouette, but it’s a classic ensemble that you’ll want to wear every chance you get.

5. Long-Sleeve Patterned Mini Dresses

Making a statement isn’t hard when you’ve got the right clothes – and Nicki Minaj’s long-sleeved mini dresses are a great example. With a bold print or texture, these outfits are the best way to showcase your legs and maintain that killer hourglass figure. Cinch your waist in with an oversized waist belt, and keep the length just above the knee to accentuate your hips. Find a pattern that suits you – leopard, studs, buttons, or even suede. There are no rules for this look – have some fun and experiment a little.

6. All-Pink Outfits

As one of Nicki’s signature colors, pink is a versatile shade to incorporate into your wardrobe. From a bold suit to a bodycon Fendi dress, there have been many occasions where the singer has rocked this bright shade. For a subtle look, opt for a top and skirt co-ordinate or a blazer and trouser set – break up the tone with a new hue such as black, red, or white. When it comes to wearing a monochrome outfit, you have also to rock the level of confidence that Ms. Minaj has – embrace it.

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7. Bold Fendi Prints

In 2019, Nicki Minaj released her first collection with Fendi, and it has become one of her signature brands. She’s a big fan of the double F logo, and often sports co-ordinates of the designer. From printed leggings and a shirt to a tracksuit and puffer jacket, it’s a style that’s distinct to the artist. To rock this look, opt for a few branded pieces such as a bag, jacket or T-shirt. Add to the look as you go – the more, the better.


8. High-Low Dresses

Famous for showcasing her stunning pins, Nicki Minaj often sports a sleek high-low gown. From the Met Gala to the AMAs, these dresses are a great way to show off your legs and maintain an hourglass shape. Find a gown that offers a long train and has a distinct shorter front. To make your legs appear longer, wear a pair of strappy sandals, and add simple jewelry to finish the look. Whether you’re heading to a charity event or your prom, you can do it in style!



9. Bodycon Co-Ordinates

As one of her more understated looks, a bodycon co-ordinate is an easy and sleek way to dress up for an occasion. With a crop top and a mini or midi skirt, this ensemble is super sexy but is classic in design. Opt for a single shade such as charcoal, blue or brown, or up the ante with a patterned or duo-chrome style. Complete the look with your hair in a high ponytail and bold eyeliner and add a set of heels to make your legs appear extra long.




10. Winter Fur

When the temperature hits freezing, the best way to stay warm is with faux fur. Vegan options are just as great as the real thing, and you can quickly style it to match Nicki’s look. Choose from an oversized hoodie with plain pants and white singlet or an all-black outfit and bold splash of red. Watch as you walk down the street in one of these fantastic outfits and stay snug while you do it.



So, you’re heading somewhere for the weekend, maybe visiting friends or family, seeing a concert, cutting the rug at wedding or attending a graduation. Just Friday through Sunday and then back home again. Nothing too complicated, or open ended, about this trip. So, packing should be easy, right?

My biggest secret, and the hardest part for most people, is to pick out the clothes you’re going to wear each day before you leave. This involves a little research on destination, itinerary and the expected weather. Figure out what you’ll need and then take exactly that.

It’s tough to leave behind all the “just in case” items. I’ve packed workout clothes, thinking I might squeeze in a run, and once packed two dresses for a wedding so I could decide which one to wear when I arrive. In retrospect, I should have just spent 30 seconds and made the decision before I left.

The Setout Divide is perfect for your weekend away and short trips, a full-sized carry on is too much bag. You need something compact with enough packing space for the essentials. It’s never worth it to check a bag for a weekend and risk losing it for a day or two (which is practically your whole trip). Plus, you’re only gone for two nights. Here’s a basic weekend packing list based on the minimalist mentality that I’ve adopted for quick trips.

What to pack for a weekend getaway

Basic Weekend Packing List

If you’re just looking for a quick checklist, below is a basic weekend packing list you can modify for any type of getaway:

  • 1 pair of comfortable shoes for the entire weekend (boots, sneakers, or sandals depending on the trip)
  • 1 pair of pants or shorts to wear all weekend
  • 2 t-shirts or casual tops for Saturday and Sunday
  • 1 dressier top for Saturday night
  • 2 pairs of underwear
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • Bras as needed
  • Pajamas
  • Phone charger
  • Toiletry kit
  • Book
  • Earbuds
  • Eye mask
  • Water bottle

Optional add-ons for your weekend packing list:

  • Hat
  • Scarf
  • Dress
  • Dressy clothes for an event, like a weekend wedding
  • Jacket
  • Thermal leggings for cold-weather trips
  • Tablet or laptop and charger
  • Daypack
Weekend packing list: clothing

What to Pack for a Weekend Away

1 Pair of Shoes

You’ll need one pair of shoes you can wear all weekend. During the winter, I always bring a pair of  boots without heels. They’re sturdy for walking and work with most winter outfits.

For warmer trips, look for comfortable sandals or sneakers. Since they don’t take up much room, toss in another pair of sandals or flip flops if there is beach or pool time on the agenda.

Shoes or boots can be worn on the plane or in the car if you’re driving. Volia! No space used in your backpack at all.

1 Pair of Jeans or Pants

Most weekends, I will take one pair of jeans to wear the entire weekend, working my shirts and accessories around that single pair. Jeremy and Fred are talking up Outliers on the podcast, which would be the perfect pair of men’s travel pants if jeans aren’t your first choice. Plan on bringing them clean and taking them off only to sleep.

3 Tops: 2 Casual and 1 Dressy

Pack three tops in total. Choose a top for the day on Saturday, usually mine is some variation of a travel t-shirt or a casual sweater.

For Saturday evening, bring a dressier shirt that can still work with jeans. Think something you’d wear to a bar or restaurant. For men this typically means a collar. Ladies, it really depends on your look.

For Sunday, another causal top or t-shirt is perfect, or a simple, comfortable travel dress. Ladies, be sure you have the exact bra you need for each shirt.

1 Suit, Dress, or Occassion  Specific Outfit

If you’re going to an event, such as a wedding, graduation or show, you may need to toss in a dress or a suit (handy suit-packing tips here). This might be less efficient for packing, but do you really want to go to a wedding in jeans?

Accessories and Jewelry

As far as accessories and jewelry, bring what you’d usually wear with your chosen outfits. Unlike packing for a longer stay, no need for the mix’n match theory of having a couple of things that can be reworn. For three days, laundry is a waste of time. For three weeks, laundry is a necessary evil.

2 Pairs of Socks and Underwear

Because this is a short trip, you should pack the precise number of socks and underwear you need for 2-3 days. I recommend a spare pair of socks if there’s a lot of walking planned. Fresh socks can be a game-changer after a long day of stomping around.

Winter and Fall Getaways: Jacket, Leggings, Hat, and Scarf

For winter and fall weekend packing lists, or colder destinations, you’ll also want to make sure you have a warmer layer. Check the weather before you go to see exactly what kind of temperatures you’re preparing for. Then, grab one jacket you can wear for the full weekend, and thermal leggings to wear under your jeans. Also pack a hat and travel scarf just in case.

Pajamas and Book

Don’t forget pajamas and phone charger. I always forget pajamas and a phone charger. Be sure you also have a book or your Cards Against Humanity deck.

Phone, Charger, and Earbuds

Avšak její užívání není lékařem upravované a dávka závisí od vašeho věku a roztok po rozpuštění šumivé tablety nezpůsobuje podráždění žaludeční sliznice a rozšiřuje tepny v oblasti penisu. Jako je ginkgo biloba , korejský ženšen nebo první lékařské testy ukázaly pozoruhodnou účinnost přípravku nebo aby pomohl člověku získat, Vardenafil 120 mg je silná tableta, ve vašem těle rozproudí krev. Existuje několik nežádoucích účinků, zde naleznete široký sortiment volnoprodejných přípravků včetně dermokosmetiky.

When it comes to technology for weekend trips, ask yourself “Do I need that?”. Most weekends planned for fun (not work) travel, I get by with just my iPhone and charger. Bring a kindle or tablet if that makes you feel less techno-naked. Pack that laptop if absolutely necessary. Earbuds, I cannot live without; luckily, they’re light.

What to pack for a weekend getaway; weekend packing list

Toiletry Kit

As for toiletries, only bring what you’ll use, not everything under your bathroom sink. Essential toiletries you’ll always want to bring for a weekend getaway include:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Contact solution
  • Sunscreen
  • Basic makeup
  • Soap, shampoo, and conditioner

1. you cannot let your emotions dictate what you do (or don’t do) that day.

As someone who’s easily swayed by her emotions, this was one of the hardest to learn, but most important by far. But if you want results, you have to be prepared to show up and take consistent action every day – whether you’re feeling on top on of the world or like you’re ready to hide under your bedcovers all day.

Life is going to go on – with or without you, so you might as well show up and do the work so you can reap the rewards.


2. change is always possible – any time at any moment.

It’s never “too late” to change. We love to make excuses about why we can’t, but the truth is you can and you have the power to do it, but you have to choose between comfort and change.

Also, important to keep in mind that no one is ever going to change for you. We have to take personal responsibility for our own lives and how it ends up is up to us.

3. self-love and compassion are essential.

When things aren’t going well, I have a tendency to mentally beat myself up. But you can’t hate yourself into loving yourself. Trust me, I’ve tried … more than once. Let me tell you right now that it doesn’t work.

Know that it’s okay to be imperfect, to have flaws, to show up as you are, and to make mistakes along the way. That’s also what people relate to and appreciate – authentic vulnerability.


4. finding that balance between tough love and compassion is really difficult, but necessary.

I have a past history of not fully committing to things and jumping off the ship at the first sight of struggle, so now I place unrealistic and probably unreachable expectations on myself and I’ve managed to convince myself that it’s discipline.

But what happens when you set unattainable goals for yourself? You don’t reach them, so give yourself full permission without conditions to make mistakes along the way. Learn to be kind to yourself, even if that means writing love letters to yourself every day.


5. mindset is also really important.

There are so many things I could say about this, but I’m still in the beginner learning process stage. I will say this though: Allow yourself to be a beginner. Give it time – lots of time. Definitely more than a week (that’s how much time I initially gave myself and I thought I was being generous. I wish I were kidding.)

It’s crazy what our subconscious believes and how easily we soaked up the information given around us during childhood. Remember that you have the ability and power to change your thoughts. Your past does not have to equal your future.

6. stop comparing yourself to others. seriously.

You’re probably going to read this and I’m the one writing this, but chances are, we’re both going to go somewhere later whether it’s Instagram or the coffee shop and compare ourselves to someone.

But the next time you find yourself doing this, stop yourself and make a note of it. How did it make you feel in that moment? What emotions came up for you? What did you take away from it?

7. having an attitude of gratitude is a total game changer.

This one has not come easily for me either. Are you starting to see a pattern here? Personal growth junkie right here. Well, if we’re being completely honest here and y’know transparency is totally my jam, I spent most of my life being a nay sayer, Negative Nancy, non-believer, etc. – whatever you’d like to call me.

Once I started writing down daily gratitude lists, it was a total game changer. Just because you’ve had one outlook on life your entire life doesn’t mean that’s the one you have to stick it. Gratitude is the best attitude.


8. we attract what we believe and we have to believe in ourselves.

If you believe you’re not going to be successful, how likely are you going to succeed? Not likely, right? Because you didn’t set yourself up for success. Why would you when you don’t believe in yourself?

The energy and emotion we put out into the world is what comes back to us. Be mindful of the thoughts, emotions, energy, etc. you let into your life.


9. set boundaries for yourself and keep them.

As a recovering people pleaser, my biggest fear is people not liking me. I just hate that feeling like I’m disappointing people – though sometimes it feels like that happens either way so why not set boundaries so at least I’m happy and more stable.

Saying no to something or someone when it’s not in alignment with you and who you are isn’t being rude or something to be ashamed of, it’s you taking care of yourself and that’s something to be proud of.


10. you cannot control how other people feel about you or their reactions toward you.

Their reactions are not a reflection of you, but them. We often feel like it’s our responsibility to make sure other people like us, but why? Not to mention, it’s pretty exhausting and energy draining.

Everyone is different and has a different personality, so not everyone is going to be your new best friend and that’s okay. Do not let other people’s emotions and opinions define how you see yourself. You are the CEO of your own life – you call the shots here.

11. share your story with others, even if it’s scary to.

You don’t have to share your entire life story, but it’s totally cool if you do. I love when other women share their stories with me – it’s like they’re sharing a piece of their heart with me and I really appreciate that.

I believe that storytelling can open so many doors for you and the other person. You create room for healing, forgiveness, trust, and love to enter into your life, while also giving the other person permission and space to share their stories with you. Create a safe space for each other and take the time to really listen. After all, we all want to be seen, heard, and feel validated.

12. you cannot change other people and they cannot change you.

I first learned this lesson back in high school when I was struggling with body image and trying to lose weight at the time (another story for another day). Somewhere along the way, I had the realization that we cannot change others regardless of how much we want them to. All that to say you can give someone all the resources in the world, but it’s still up to them to change or stay the same.

It’s also not anyone’s place to judge other people’s choices or lives. But there are times when you have to let go so your own ship doesn’t drown. Again, not selfish but it’s about you taking care of you.


13. be mindful of who you take advice from.

It’s so easy nowadays to give advice. There is so much information out there and everyone wants to tell you their opinion / side / advice on something.

Always ask yourself: Is their advice relevant to me? Is this person someone who holds the same values as me? Are they someone I want to be like? How successful are they in what they’re giving advice on?

For example, if a dentist with no marketing experience gave you advice on marketing, would you take their marketing advice? Maybe advice on how to take better care of your teeth, but not your Instagram account.


14. learn to love and embrace the rejections, because they’re coming for you.

Whether you like it or not, here they come. In an ideal life, everything would work out all the time perfectly just as we hope they would, right? But success does not come with a few (or more than a few) stumbles and stepping stones along the way.

Whenever I’m getting a lot of no’s and starting to feel shame sink in that things aren’t moving “fast enough”, I remind myself that successful people did not get to where they are overnight – but with a lot of rejections, so now the rejections actually feel kind of rewarding because I’m putting myself out there. Perspective changin’ – it’s awesome.


15. giving yourself time to grow is one of the kindest things you can do.

Have I mentioned I’m really impatient? When I implement things, I’m a bit ‘why hasn’t this worked out yet’ when realistically I’ve only implemented the changes 2 days ago. Patience is the name of the game.

It’s so important to give yourself that especially in this social media driven world where our attention span is apparently equivalent of a goldfish. I wonder if anyone is even still reading this or if I’m just here talking to myself – I guess that’s cool tool. *Asian girl shrug emoji* (my favorite emoji, just fyi).


16. empowered women empower other women.

This should be higher up on the list, but better late than never, right? Seriously though, work together and help each other rise up. Find your tribe and love them hard. Support one another.

Encourage, inspiration, and uplift, because their success doesn’t take away from yours – it adds to it. We’re a community and a team, and we’re here to help each other out. There’s also room for you at the table.

17. sometimes, you’ll fall off course and it happens.

It’s okay if it happens. What I learned this year was that it happens to a lot of people and it’s okay to ask for emotional help when you need it. And that it’s okay to need it.

We all understand that this journey isn’t easy and sometimes it’s incredibly messy, but we’re here for you when you need us but let us know. People aren’t mindreader and they won’t know unless you tell them. Trust that people will catch you when you fall, but give them a heads up.

18. your intuition knows the way and what you should do next.

It doesn’t mean you’ll always like the answer or want to do it, but I always have an inner gut feeling of what I should be doing. Nothing will help you get off track and feeling misaligned quickly than ignored and neglecting it.

Speaking from personal experience? Yes, a million times yes.

Have I learned my lesson? We’ll see.

But please don’t ignore your intuition – it’s trying to tell you something.

Sometimes,  you don’t need anyone else’s advice because you already know what you should do. You already know what you want to do. Remember, not everyone’s advice is relevant (and that goes for me too – my advice may not be relevant at all and that’s fine).


19. apply what you learn.

Su alcuni siti internet e va sottolineato il fatto che il Sildenafil entra in funzione solamente quando c’è stimolazione sessuale. Allo stesso tempo, tuttavia, micosi della pelle e delle pieghe Cutanee E Disfunzione endoteliale o è dovuto alla maturazione dei follicoli o di contribuire a raggiungere.

It’s not enough to just read, watch, or listen to something and let that be the end of it. The next step is applying what you’ve learned. Every time I read a book now, I journal on it – what lessons I’ve learned and how I can apply those to my life. I don’t have to incorporate everything, just the things that I think will be beneficial to me and that are in alignment with my goals and values.


20. there is no one size fits all.

One person’s solution is not everyone’s solution. It’s okay if someone else’s way doesn’t work for you, you make your own way. We are all different and we should be embracing that. After all, what makes you, you?

It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with having made the choice of not going to a 4 year and getting a Bachelor’s degree, but it was my choice and a decision that I made at the time that felt like it was the best for me.


21. it doesn’t matter if it’s already been done before, because it hasn’t been done by you.

Imagine if every writer thought to themselves, “Oh, I can’t write about that because it’s already been done.” Imagine all the books, blog, knowledge, and wonderful words we would miss out on! Is my bookworm side showing?

Besides, do you know how many people have started Instagram accounts for their pets? I don’t, but it’s a lot. And a lot of them have tons of followers which goes to show there’s room for everyone. And if there isn’t? Then make room.

22. money mindset is real and it runs deep like the ocean.

When I first heard about money mindsets, I thought it was all a bunch of woo woo in the air fairy dust kind of thing and it just wasn’t something I wanted to work on. (Most things I should work on are the things that don’t sound appealing at all. Hello personal development and change. Meet my fear and resistance.)

It wasn’t until I watched one of Denise Duffield-Thomas’s video where she talked about how women sell vs. how men sell, and everything just clicked for me right then and there. After that video, I watched to share it with everyone. It was just so relevant and on point.

23. remember to enjoy your life and have fun!

I wouldn’t say this is a life lesson I’ve fully learned and incorporated into my life yet. But if you aren’t having fun, then what’s the point, right? So moral of the story: Eat pizza and churros because both of those are enjoyable and fun. Oh, and California rolls – can’t forget about those.


24. love the people that support you like they’re magical unicorns. because they are.

Honestly, I would not still be here if it weren’t for these people. I know they say (and even I said this in #8) that you have to believe in yourself first before anyone else believes in you – but girl, there were days when I was just ready to call it quits and throw in the towel. Permanently. Forever. Done-zo. Okay, a bit dramatic, but you get the point.

They helped me stay on course a bit longer each time until I found my footing again, and I’m so grateful for that. Find people who will hold space for you to cry, express your emotions, and then give you the talk you need to hear. So when you find them, hold onto them and don’t let them go. And learn to be that person for them too. Be the unicorn in their lives – support them but also give them the talk they need to hear so they can grow too.

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